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Company Profile
Thank you for visiting our Web Site. Harvest Foods, the innovator in the food canning industry in Egypt and the Middle East, is a private shareholding company established in 1998, with an investment of 100 million Egyptian pounds. Its first plant, located over an area of 10,000 m2 in 6th of October industrial city, produces a wide range of canned beans, peas, vegetables, tomato pastes and cereals. We are well known for our stuffed vine leaves, cabbage, okra and many other Mediterranean recipes.

Most tinplate packs are produced in the factory. Two-piece cans are re-drawn and produced in-house. These cans offer a new, fancy and unique look for this range of products in the market. Our food processing line is an illustration of the latest canning technology. Stringent sanitary programs are adhered to, as well as food safety systems and GMPs to ensure maximum product safety, hygiene, and quality. We hope you enjoy surfing our Web site, and please feel free to contact us for further information about our products.

OUR FACILITY Fully automated equipment adopting the latest technology is installed in our 6th of October industrial city plant. We adhere to stringent sanitation programs, food safety, and hands on applications ensuring maximum product safety, hygiene and quality.

EXTENSIVE PRODUCT LINE In everything we produce, from breakfast cereal "Belila" to our stuffed vine leaves, including "Foul medames", Chickpeas, and Red Kidney Beans, Harvest Foods helps you bring nutrition and value to your table. We are keen on developing continuously new products and recipes.

PRODUCT INTEGRITY We put the most advanced technology in the hands of the industry's best professionals, therefore providing an unwavering commitment to the freshness and integrity of our product. It is our mission to provide quality, authentic taste with easy preparation.

Food Service
Harvest Foods specializes in providing a full line of innovative,
time and labor saving products that consumers
absolutely love.
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